Kognoggs will be loosely themed around careers education in schools and colleges. It’s worth noting that my definition of careers education is extremely broad; for me, careers education is essentially anything that prepares young people for adulthood. There isn’t much that we can’t talk about.

As the main feature of each episode, I will offer my guest a playfully formal careers guidance interview. Using ethical skills and strategies taken from professional career development practice, I want to draw attention to the practices of career guides and coaches and demystify what happens in a career interview. There will be some signposting of these strategies to the listener as I conduct the interview.

Having recently trained as a career guidance professional, I firmly believe that the strategies are of benefit to everyone, especially teachers and those working with young people. These strategies have helped improve my communication with students, colleagues and parents so much. I hope that people with an interest in working with young people, teaching and careers education, will be able to develop their own communication skills, using the podcast as a training resource so to speak.

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